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Think About It:  At the moment of conception the Holy Spirit breathes life into the “fetus” within the womb. When the fruit of the womb is born, it is a baby made in God’s image and likeness.  This is His plan, to create Souls for His Kingdom.  In doing so God gives each of us a free will, which includes the right to choose.  What a special gift of love!
                                                                                      Pray for Strength
Our ultimate destiny is God.  He gave us life when we were that so called “fetus” in our mother’s womb.  From the time of conception, at our birth, as a baby, then a teenager, an adult, a parent, a grandparent, and regardless of age whenever our earthly time runs out, our soul seeks its way back home to “GOD”, its Creator.                       Pray for Wisdom

The first choice in life is made by parents, our birth. Like many religious denominations, the parents normally make the next choice in our life when they elect to have us baptized.  When baptized, we are re-born having God’s own life in us, and hopefully we will fulfill the plan He has for each of us.  Yes hopefully!  For all of your life, from birth until death you have the right to make your own choices.  How are you going to use this special gift of God's?
                  Pray for Grace
There are many humans born into this world, who have not yet been baptized, and some who will never be, but they are alive and living, and they have the right to choose.
                                                                                               Pray for Peace
Through the nature of human sexuality the so-called “fetus” is formed.  It is alive; it is growing, with an infinite superior right to life within the womb.  The time for birth is not yet, but suddenly life is no longer!  That “Soul” will no longer have a living destiny here on earth with the right to choose.  Was this human act because “You” male and female chose to have sexual relations for its pleasure only?  You certainly did not think about the ramifications that were going to come about.  Maybe it was peer pressure, or lack of education, or worse yet maybe you just didn’t care.  What are your thoughts?  Yes, you have the right to choose.  However, you would not have that right if God had not given it to you at conception. If there is a medical reason than there are choices to consider.  But, unwanted pregnancies should never be aborted.   Do you want this soul within you to find its way home to God its Creator “un-born” without the right to make their choices in their life, and the right to fulfill their destiny, especially the right to choose to be baptized?  You might think this paragraph is too strong or too harsh, and you would be right.  My answer to you is that “I meant it to be”.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, one day you will stand before “God” and what will you say? 
                                 Pray for Mercy
Take time to think about this.  Pray to God about it
, and remember He is forgiving, understanding, and a merciful “God”. One thing that Jesus makes very clear is that prayer is meant to be simple.  It doesn’t involve “magic” formulas for God to hear you.   We simply talk to God from the heart, about whatever we want to talk about.  To begin your prayer simply say Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.  Give us each day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins…..and talk to God about your situation!  Take the time to enjoy where you came from, and who you really are.  Then maybe you will find it in your heart to give that same special gift to your unborn child.                                  

Pray for Answere's
Think About It

      By A Member Of The Michigan Knights of Columbus.
 State Director:     S.K. LeRoy J. Angst, FM
                                                                                                                                                                       May 1, 2004
















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