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Rosary Pilgrimage
Pray for World Peace

To Mary and "Jesus"

Pray for World Peace    Everyone that prays to "God" understands the power of prayer.   Think of the prayer power that this Perpetual Rosary Pilgrimage Program will generate when Christian People from all over the world unite together in prayer to "Mary", and her son, "Jesus Christ" asking His blessings for World Peace, and for the other chosen intentions.  The Rosary is the perpetual prayer for this pilgrimage. Our easy to follow home web page will guide you through the links.  Most of you already know how to pray the Rosary, but if you do not know how then it will provide you with all of the information to learn how to pray the Rosary and how to make a Rosary Pledge.   Pease invite all of your friends to visit this web site!

Pray for World PeaceWe are looking for meaningful endorsements: We welcome your support.  It is our hope that Bishops, Priests, Christian Ministers, Christian Churches, Christian Fraternal Organizations like the “Knights of Columbus”,  Religious Groups like the "Blue Army", Our Christian Youth Groups, other Christian Entities, and the Individual Private Sector will endorse this program and advertise our web site address to their membership. We would like to set up a “Link” with them which opens communication to the world.  We think it is important that endorsements are displayed in a prominent place within the web site.

We welcome your comments by mail, phone, or e-mail. 

This is a nonprofit web site..

Rosary Pilgrimage Committee
16442 S. US 27
Lansing, Michigan 48906
Attn: Ken Watterson

(517) 487-6295   Fax (517) 487-8774



Rosary Pilgrimage Committee
Directors & Officers


Rev. Timothy MacDonald

Howard Shepherd  (Betty)
George L. Mallison  (Janet)

Glenn L. Barry  (Sally)

David H. Buick  (Paula)

John. De Rose  (Norma)
Carl Malburg  (Rose)

Betty Angst  (LeRoy/deceased)

Kenneth D. Watterson (Sandra)


  The rosary is the way to world peace !     Pray for Vocations





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