Wisdom    Mary has asked us to Pray the Rosary and to "Pray it for World Peace".  There are millions of Christians crying out for help because of the deplorable conditions around the world today.  In 1917, Mary held the Rosary in Her hand when She appeared to the Children of Fatima and gave them and the world the “Peace Plan from Heaven”, calling us to conversion, prayer, and penance. “If what I tell you is done, many sinners will be converted and there will be peace.” The Rosary was Her requirement. It was true then, and it is true today.  Millions of people are religious and have faith, but how many ways and times have we failed to apply that faith on every level of existence - the personal, interpersonal and political?   Here is an opportunity to try again through this Perpetual Rosary Pilgrimage Program to apply the creative power of the Holy Spirit within you.