I am pleased to give my support to the Rosary Pilgrimage Website.  In
praying this ancient prayer rooted in the Holy Scriptures, we imitate
Mary, the first disciple, whose only desire was to do the will of her
Son, Jesus.  As she commands us in the Gospel of St. John, "Do whatever
He tells you."  The Second Vatican Council named Mary, "The Mother of
the Church."  Indeed, she is the Mother of the Church and our Mother.
Throughout the past two thousand years, Mary has interceded for the
Church and for her children, the faithful followers of Jesus Christ.
She has never abandoned us.  Her only goal is to bring us closer to her
Son.  She exhorts us to pray, to fast, and to perform works of charity,
especially for the salvation of sinners.  We are all sinners.  We need
to pray the Rosary for ourselves and for all those who are in need of
salvation.  The Rosary Pilgrimage Website has responded to the cry of
Pope John Paul II, who called for a "New Evangelization," by bringing
the Gospel to new and undiscovered regions of our world.  The Rosary
Pilgrimage Website has brought the message of Mary to the Internet.
Through this site, she can now reach countless millions of people,
especially the young, and draw them closer to her Son.  I am grateful
for the Rosary Pilgrimage Website, and I endorse it
Fr. John Fain, Parochial Vicar, St. Gerard Church, Lansing.
                    Pastor-Elect, St. Paul, Owosso.